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        Why Choose Us

        Enabling organizations to succeed through our firm’s commitment to continual improvements in technological knowledge and expertise



        To be recognized by our clients as an innovative organization known for its integrity and providing the right balance of quality and cost to deliver the best value in our industry. To strive and become the preferred IT company in Hong Kong and Singapore for our clients to work with, distinguished by professionalism, teamwork, empowerment, pride, creativity, and accountability.


        We Are Always Improving

        Our company core value is driven by forging trusted relationships with our clients and partners. Through Entrust IT Outsourcing and IT Managed Services, we strive to help our client’s increase productivity, improve work efficiency, and see a return on their valuable investment.


        We Are Passionate

        We aim to be an extension of your organization, and to share our knowledge and technologies with you, our valued customer and to help you achieve your goal of competing more effectively and profitably in today’s competitive marketplace.

        IT Managed Services

        Link Pro Network IT Managed Services -  Link Pro Network Services prides our IT Managed Services as one of our core services and expertise. We understand that every business is unique and that their requirements may vary depending on the infrastructure setup and business processes. That is the main reason why we excel over others. We provide a customized approach to maintenance and support services that ensures rapid response and quick resolution from user-level issues to network and infrastructure level problems.

        Link Pro Network believes in understanding before executing. We will first have a requirements gathering meeting with our clients to conduct an initial assessment of technology with relation to business requirements, best practices, security and disaster recovery policies. This assessment allows us to better understand your true IT requirements and based on our findings, prepare a tailored Service Level Agreement (SLA) for a long-term partnership.

        We offer a full range of Managed Services that covers the entire client’s IT environment, which includes IT helpdesk support, IT maintenance services, remote monitoring, IT procurement, network and infrastructure management, IT advisory, backup and replication services. Experience better performance, fewer glitches, and practically zero downtime with Entrust Network’s IT Managed Services.

        IT Service Helpdesk - Our IT Service Helpdesk acts as the single point of support for your company’s critical IT infrastructure and also for your end users hardware and software. Contactable on all possible communication mediums and providing end-to-end responsibility of the calls till resolution, we are always ready to answer support calls and troubleshoot any errors that your users might face.


            ? Best in class IT Infrastructure and IT Support Services

            ? Full spectrum of support covering desktop / laptops, servers, operating systems, office productivity suites, email clients, network and         connectivity issues

            ? Proper Workflow processing to ensure response time is within the guidelines of existing Service Level Agreement (SLA)

            ? Comprehensive communication medium for support (Phone / Email / Remote-Access / On-Site)

            ? Updating of inventory record to track IT equipment issues to spot recurring problems


        End-User Support Services form a vital part of IT maintenance Services and provide a single-point solution for complete management of your business computing environment, spanning desktop / laptop support, complemented by a dedicated IT Helpdesk Support Protocol. Our End-User Support Services are designed to cover the full life cycle and comprise a unified solution that includes:

            ? Backup and Disaster Recovery Procedures

            ? End User Support

            ? Incident and Error Resolution 

            ? Installation / Reformat of new hardware or software

            ? Migration of data for change of hardware or software

            ? Operating system updates and patches 

            ? Desktop / Laptop Optimization & Maintenance

            ? Proper Security Check for Viruses/Malware/Trojans


        IT Maintenance Services

        Having the proper technical support is the key for businesses today as downtime directly affects productivity and cost. At the core of technical support are our helpdesk support that your ground staff needs and having support for your core IT infrastructure devices. Link Pro Network IT Maintenance Services promises maximum support with minimum downtime. 

        We believe preventive maintenance to be the key to productivity success.
        It is through understanding your IT hardware and optimizing it to its most stable performance that we will be able to achieve that.

         ? Network documentation
         ? Hardware inventory record
         ? Software licensing management
         ? User administration (setup and maintaining user account)
         ? Setup security policies and internet usage acceptance
         ? Installing and configuring new hardware/software
         ? Apply critical updates, patches and services packs on Desktops/Servers
         ? Removal of Virus, trojan horse and spywares
         ? Phone helpdesk and remote desktop support
         ? Schedule routine on-site visits for service helpdesk
         ? Hardware loan and replacement
         ? IT Disaster recovery

        .Performance tuning and optimization
        .Monitor server’s network connectivity, resource usage (Drive Space, CPU usage, Server Load server backup timely and reliability
        .Ensure server backup timely and reliability
        .Analysis of errors and warnings issues in system events and logs for potential hardware/software failure
        .Schedule security audit

        Link Pro Network Services provides support and maintenance for all IT products and services that your business requires, offering technical assistance to resolve server and networking issues and equally important, resolving your end users issues in both the enterprise (B2B) and consumer (B2C) space.
        We have a team of technical engineers specialized in various system and software knowledge that allows us to provide a delivery model that equates to a total outsourcing solution. We have served more than 100 companies, 1000 networks and 10,000 business users and counting in Hong Kong and Singapore. 

        Link Pro Network Cloud Hosting

        Link Pro Network Services own multiple server rack spaces located at the M1 Datacenter, Singapore.

        All of our server racks are integrated and configured with high-end networking and security devices and programs to ensure that all our datacenter services provided will be of the highest level of security and uptime.

        Datacenters were specifically built for housing critical IT equipment and applications that has very low tolerance for downtime.


        24/7 Surveillance with zero blind spot within the datacenter premises

        Round the clock Multi-tiered on-site security that only allows authorized personnel with ID to step into the datacenter

        Temperature and Humidity control system for consistent air flow and temperature control

        Stable-of-the-art Fire Suppression system that will not damage IT equipments beyond repair

        Uninterrupted Multiple Power Grid system to prevent power failure downtime ISO 9001 and ISO27001 standards

        99.5% Guaranteed Uptime Availability

        Server Co-Location

        Service Co-location is an ideal and cost-effective solution for Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs) that have purchased their own web and database servers but do not have the bandwidth and resources such as Class-A Data Center, qualified support engineers and time to manage them effectively. 

        Link Pro Network Server Co-location service comes with rack space to accommodate all servers purchased. The Co-location facility is currently housed in the M1 Datacenter, Singapore. 

        The ISO ISO27001 and ISO9001-certified facility is equipped with redundant power and cooling systems, and offers advanced fire suppression as well as 24/7 physical security along with access control measures. 

        If you want the performance and protection of a dedicated server with proper security and backup procedures in place but none of the headaches associated with managing the software, licensing and operating system, this solution may be perfect fit for your needs.


        A choice of MS window Server or Linux operating system

        A private, secure dedicated server allocated exclusively to your organisation

        A fully configurable software firewall to protect your network computers from malicious attacks

        Fully managed services, inclusive of sever updates, backups, security patches and monitoring

        Root or administrator access to customize, configure and load applications specific to your business

        Industry leading service level agreements (SLAs)

        Our Contacts

        visit us at

        1501-1502 Futura Plaza, 111-113 How Ming Street, Kwun Tong, Kowloon, HK 
        81 Ubi Ave 4 #06-21 UB. One (S) 408830, Singapore

        because we care

        Tel: +852 37072264

        For enquiry, please send an email to 


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